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XF-BP Automatic big bag packing machine (customized for 5-50kg)

XF-BP Fully Automatic Big Bag Packaging Machine
It can completely replace the manual work, realize the equal function of automatic bag feeding, bagging and smooth the bag mouth, and finally transport it to the sealing unit for sealing
1, automatic / manual switching, self-locking. The manual operation mode is used for maintenance, debugging or emergency treatment, and the normal operation is automatic operation mode.
2, with IO point comparison: can know the specific role of each output point of PLC in detail
3. Fault self-diagnosis: PLC has fault self-diagnosis function.
4. Operation monitoring: The equipment has operation monitoring function to ensure the good operation.
5。 PLC standby point replacement: The device has the function of replacing the PLC output point to ensure the good operation of the equipment。

The main parameters are as follows:
1, packaging capacity: 12-14 bags / minute;
2, vacuum pumping rate: 60m³ / h;
3, power: 5kW 3AC/380/50HZ
4, gas consumption: 4。5m³ / h;
5, sealing method: heat sealing, sewing or heat sealing + sewing

Material: except for the contact part is 304 stainless steel, the other part is carbon steel 

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